Friday, February 8, 2019


Hi everyone! Here I am after a VERY long hiatus.

Life got really busy for awhile there and I fell out of posting & reading for pleasure. Since Sept 2016, which was last my post, and now we have bought and moved houses and started homeschooling my teen.

Just homeschooling was a big enough task, add in purchasing a house and moving and that'll take away most of your spare time! I'm thinking, after 1.5 years, I finally have homeschool down. Well, most days anyway. And we've been in the new house for 6 months, with pretty much everything setup where it needs to go so now I feel like I can actually breathe and find more time to read.

I did get some reading done last year in the spring, but seemed to fall off after school started back in August. I did end up reaching my 2018 goal of  30 books but only because of the school literature my daughter and I read together.

I have high hopes that this year will be better so I started 2019 off with a hefty goal of 50 books. I'm hoping I can at least read 4 books a month (maybe more). They aren't all going to be personal books though, I am still recording homeschool lit books. I'm actually excited about this year because my daughter is in "8th grade" and has a lot of my middle school favorites listed in the curriculum. I'm looking forward to reading them again to see if my opinions of the books have changed or if they're how I remember them.

I'm hoping to continue with some of the bookish memes that I used to do but I've found that some aren't hosted anymore so I'm currently going through the list for new ones. If you have any that  you participate in and enjoy, let me know! 

Until next time!

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